New Education Policy in which the concept of “Gender-inclusion Fund “has been inserted to provide the equitable quality education for all girls as well as for transgender students.



LGBTQ is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning. Transgender persons have been a part of the Indian society since ancient civilizations. But our society has been a home to only males and females and it is only after 2014 verdict that the term transgender has been given a legal status. Laws have evolved for the protection of the rights of transgender but unfortunately, the transgender persons still lack recognition and acceptance by the society and have limited access to human rights. Though transgenders have been recognised as a third gender, marriage amongst them are still prohibited in India. Developments have taken place in all fields but the mindset of the society towards the transgemder community is yet to undergo drastic change.   The word jungo means “couple”. Our website has been exclusivey created for LGBTQ and aims at bringing together the transgender persons. Since marriage is prohibited, our website is only a means to bring people of transgender community closer to each other so that they can find a match of their own. We aim at serving the transgender community and we will also keep apprising about the latest laws and developments taking place with respect to the transgender community.
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